Beginner’s Guide to Wretched Precious

A quick and dirty run down of what’s going on around here.


Hello, I’m Stephanie.

I write about my life in the South, in North Florida. I’ve been here for all of 25 years and I don’t hate it (which is rare in these parts.) I’m tired of not seeing much of my experiences or my friends’ experiences in the content I consume and I was tired of reading only news or “useful” blog posts.

I wanted more conversations, more musings. More writing.

My writing background is pretty extensive, but this is my first serious blogging venture. I’m a marketing consultant by day–if you’re curious about how I pay my bills, all of that is here.


Well, mostly it’s a blog, but I also see it as an archive.

Specifically a collection of essays and advice that gives form to what I see as the unique beauty and struggle within the mundane chaos of daily modern life in weird little town in North Florida. (Hence the name: Wretched Precious.)

Ideally, this space will evolve into a resource for other people who want to get back to their creative roots and forge new paths from that place.

But for now, I’m excited to share a body of work that allows me to explore some topics and techniques. It’s my own safe pathway to return to the better parts of myself.


It’s finally reached the point where I’ve accepted that I will have to write what I wish I could find to read.

Frankly, I think that banal marketing speak has homogenized the creative expression of our own stories (not that I’m hating on the hustle, everyone’s gotta make a living–myself included.)

Personally, I want to remind myself that the entire world isn’t just Instagram posts, Facebook comments and news.

There’s still good stuff being written and created out here, I want to get in on the action.


Well, I do. I’ve come across plenty of other people who do too.

Other outlets are starting to peek into the weird, wild world of Florida and dip their toes into writing about it. It’s good stuff, no doubt–I’m just possessive and want to make sure that they’re competing with voices from within.

Don’t believe me? Check out S Town, or Vogue’s piece on the Weeki Wachee mermaids, just for starters.


Ultimately, I want to help people if I can and, at the very least, leave a record of what living looked like while I was doing the damn thing.

Writing is a practical way to process both the light and dark parts of ourselves. This blog should be a place where it feels safe to say “I am so tired” about anything at all. It’s also high time there was a place where on the internet where you are not sold to, patronized or placated.

If nothing else, let this space be evidence that it’s possible to return to creative work as both craft and play. That blogging doesn’t have to be a grind, if you don’t want it to be.

My goal is to do this work consistently, share it with people who might enjoy it and try my best to improve as both a person and a writer.

Welcome aboard, y’all.